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With Savant, Now You Can

What if you and your family had a way to simplify and unify your home’s technology? What if your home’s entertainment, security and utility features such as lighting and HVAC worked in harmony?What if you could easily access and control any service in your home from anywhere in the world, with a friendly and familiar interface?What if you could have the world‘s most advanced and powerful control, automation and entertainment system powered by Apple®?

Technology should simplify your life – not complicate it. Savant is the only Apple®-based control and automation solution that unifies all of your audio, video, lighting, security, climate, communications, internet and other services into one seamless experience.

Through visually engaging and completely customizable touch panels, remotes, mobile devices and keypads, Savant empowers you to effortlessly control and manage each service in your home. Savant simplifies your technology experience through sophisticated solutions.

Convenient Automation

Savant can bring beauty, elegance, and ultimate convenience to your home with just a single touch.Your custom tailored Savant system will automate multiple control functions into one easy command, all based upon your family’s lifestyle and schedule.

As you walk through the door, press the “Home” button to turn on specific lights in the house, set a pre-determined temperature, play your favorite music, and activate the jets to your hot tub.As you leave the house, press the “Away” button to turn off specific lights, close certain shades, turn down your heat or air conditioning and activate your security system.Trigger your morning wake-up to open the shades, turn on the lights, play music or turn on your favorite TV or radio programming.Perform any of these automation functions and more when your miles away from home using Savant’s Home Automation Application on your iPhone™ or iPod touch®.

Savant invites you to experience a control and automation solution like no other—a technology with a flare for style, décor, and ease of use. Savant is your warm welcome home, an accommodating and useful compliment to your daily life.

Control is Just the Beginning

Savant offers you a single system that delivers a rich movie theater experience while simultaneously distributing your favorite music and media content throughout the home.

Savant’s entertainment solutions simply transforms any room into an environment filled with beautiful music and exhilarating video.

Convert Any Setting Into The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Savant’s award-winning entertainment system will upgrade any high-definition display into a media portal, enabling easy access to your preferred movies, television shows, or any other rich media content stored within the system or accessed online (YouTube™, Hulu™, etc.)