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Experience the Movies Better at Home

See How a Home Movie Theater Can Bring You the Ultimate Cinema Experience.

Experience the Movies Better at Home

The cinema experience is a unique one, a place where we set aside everything to be enveloped in a story.  It is one of the few activities where we isolate ourselves in a darkened room to focus on the action in front of us. Movies thrill us with action, make our hearts pound at the suspense, and bring us to tears - often all in one sitting.

It is powerful stuff. A custom home movie theater in your home can bring all this to your house, making family night as exciting as any multiplex offering. Read on to see how we can bring a home movie theater to your Bay Area, CA home.

2 Brands to Consider for Your Home Network Installation

Ensure Your Network Performance Can Support Your Connected Activities Today and Tomorrow

2 Brands to Consider for Your Home Network Installation

A home network installation is no small task, and although doing the job yourself may sound easy, it is best to work with home network professionals who know what they are doing. Professionals not only can explain how all the technology works, but they can also direct you to the best brands to choose from.

Two of these brands that are at the top of the list are Araknis Networks and Access Networks. By choosing these brands, you can rest assured that your home network will perform reliably around the clock for work, play, and supporting your smart home.

Our clients in the Bay Area know the importance of hiring a professional when it comes to a home network installation. They put their trust in Twilight Solutions to help them with their home network installation and making the best decisions on which brands to use. Learn why we trust Araknis Networks and Access Networks below.

2 Reasons to Use Ketra Circadian Lighting by Lutron in Your Home

Ketra Circadian Lighting Technology Mimics Natural Light in a Truly Spectacular Way

2 Reasons to Use Ketra Circadian Lighting by Lutron in Your Home

There is no better light than natural light. Imagine harnessing the power and physical benefits of natural light inside your home, even during the winter months. Well, that is exactly what Ketra circadian lighting does.

Ketra’s groundbreaking technology simulates the intensity and color temperature of natural light. Ketra lights also naturally shift during the day, giving you brighter, cooler light during the day and warmer, dimmer light during the evening.

Homeowners in the Bay Area, CA are using Ketra lighting by Lutron more and more because of the immense wellness benefits it provides. Our customers know that they can count on Twilight Solutions to help them install a state-of-the-art lighting system by Ketra. Learn more about the powerful benefits of Ketra circadian lighting below.

Make Your Properties Shine with a Home Automation System

Stand Out Among the Competition by Offering Smart Home Experiences to Tenants and Buyers

Make Your Properties Shine with a Home Automation System

The Bay Area is filled with beautiful properties in stellar locations. Making your properties stand out is a critical component of attracting the right customers who are willing to pay a premium.

Luxury living has many components that the savvy owner can design on their own, but one key feature they may be looking for when searching for a new home is smart technology. After all, the connected home is becoming more of an expectation in our increasingly connected world.

Stand out among the competition by offering not only independent technology devices like smart locks and smart lighting but a comprehensive smart home experience through a home automation system, which makes living easy, comfortable, safer, and more sophisticated. Keep reading to learn how our team at Twilight Solutions can help you achieve this for your future projects.