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Add Fun and Color to Your Holidays

Use RGB Lighting Fixtures and Smart Gaming Simulators for a Festive Holiday

Add Fun and Color to Your Holidays

The holidays are around the corner, and with them comes the chaos of a busy season. Shopping, cooking, work holiday parties, and more will occupy significant parts of the calendar for most people and make it more difficult to entertain visiting guests and family.

With RGB lighting fixtures and smart gaming simulators, you can keep your loved ones entertained during the holidays with added color and fun to your home!

Lights are already an essential part of the seasonal ambiance, and LED technology is making them more customized and intuitive than ever. One of the best features of newer products is RGB color-changing fixtures. By using three LEDs in the bulb – Red, Green, Blue (RGB) – a microcontroller in the bulb can alternate the current through the LED to change the color.

Passing the current through all three LEDs creates white light, and varying the current can produce a broad range of colors in the spectrum. Even better, with smart technology, it's easy to control the LED lights to change color, intensity, and adjust the color temperature of white light.

Smart game simulators like those offered by HD Multi-Sport also add unique fun to any holiday season! Known as one of the most realistic golf simulators on the market, this smart home entertainment ensures great fun indoors for all ages and proves as an excellent alternative when the weather outside is frightful.

Be ready for any holiday at any time of year. Let's explore how you can use RGB lighting fixtures and smart game simulators like HD Multi-Sport for holiday fun this season in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Celebrate on the Outside

Each holiday tends to have its color themes. Thanksgiving has the colors of the harvest; Hanukkah is a holiday of candlelight, blue, and silver; and Christmas has a tradition of red and green. With lighting from vendors like Colorbeam, your outdoor spaces can transform with every holiday. Greet Thanksgiving guests with warm, orange lighting. Light up Hanukkah with blue and white. You can even set schedules to illuminate lights sequentially for the eight nights. For Christmas, a combination of red and green adds the right ambiance outside.

Set the Mood Inside

Inside your home, the right lighting can set the mood for any activity. Color tunable white light is perfect for all your holiday tasks. During the day, keep your lights bright and cool to simulate daylight, which aids in cooking, holiday preparations, and keeping you more alert. When your guests arrive, use the "warm dimming" feature to set a comfortable, relaxing, warmer-hued lighting level conducive to conversation and socializing. Your lights can vary for cocktails, dinnertime, and gradual fading into the evening. Everyone will feel naturally relaxed, and your lighting will have played a role.

The LED Advantage

Besides color changing, LED technology has other significant advantages. They allow precise control and can go from very bright output to as low as 1% of their output. LED lights use up to 80% less energy than comparable incandescent bulbs, so your holiday lights of whatever color will use far less energy than ever before. This technology has allowed for the creation of different kinds of lights – like thin strip lighting and other unique designs and fixtures – that simply weren’t possible with incandescent or CFL fixtures.

Advanced lighting control solutions, such as our partners Lutron, Control4, and Savant, make it easy to exercise full command of all your lights. Set schedules for your outside lights, or time them to adjust with the sunrise and sunset. Set scenes for one-button or voice command control of several rooms to fix all the light levels for holiday entertaining. Make an alternating light show of color outside with a little ingenuity in programming your holiday scenes. Your imagination is the limit.

Bonus Holiday Fun: Smart Simulators

Is your home already equipped with fun holiday lighting solutions? Add even more fun to your festivities with a different type of smart technology that’s becoming increasingly more popular: a high-definition game simulator!

Using sophisticated cameras and advanced software developed by the company, HD Multi-Sport allows you to play 50+ games such as soccer, golf, football, bowling, zombie shoot, dodgeball and much more. Depending on your space, you can set up one in sizes up to 17 feet by 21 feet, with both 16:10 format flat or curved screens. During the holidays, the simulator can become a source of fun for family and guests. 

From fun white and color-changing LEDs to smart simulator entertainment, Twilight Solutions is ready to help you brighten up your holiday seasons. We proudly serve the Bay Area and beyond from Atherton, Woodside, and San Francisco to Napa and Walnut Creek. Give us a call or click our chatbox below to be quickly connected to one of our specialists. We look forward to working with you.