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Can Smart Lighting Control Improve Wellness?

Biophilic Design Part 2: The Power of Light

Can Smart Lighting Control Improve Wellness?

In our last blog, we discussed a new topic with an unusual name: biophilic design. The term comes from biophilia, which refers to the human propensity to commune with nature. While biophilic design is not an entirely new trend per se, recent advances in smart technology have enabled exciting new possibilities in bringing more of the outside into homes.

Last month, we discussed three ways of using technology to bring in a bit of nature indoors with smart automation, virtual windows, and smart air purification. This month, we’ll discuss two more: tunable white lighting and virtual skylights. Keep reading to see how smart lighting control and virtual technology can make your California Bay Area home a more “zen” retreat.

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Tunable White Lighting

What is tunable lighting? Thanks to advances in LED lighting technology, LED fixtures can be tuned to different color temperature output. Where once incandescent and CFL bulbs and fixtures could output only one color temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin (K), the latest LED lighting can go from extremes of 1800K (candlelight) to 7000K (daylight). What’s more, that color temperature and the accompanying intensity can be easily controlled and automated with smart lighting systems.

Our bodies and minds have a natural response to light. Bright daylight, sometimes referred to as “cooler” toned light (in the upper Kelvin ranges), makes us more alert and productive. “Warmer,” dimmer light, which yields yellow and red hues like those of the setting sun (lower Kelvin range), tends to relax us. When we upset this natural rhythm, the result can be less restful sleep and potential tiredness and irritable moods. In fact, studies suggest that the one-hour change for daylight saving time often has a measurably negative effect on people, and it takes them time to adjust to the new norms of light in the morning and evening.

LED tunable lighting can also produce other colors, which can be used for fun. Whether using colors for parties, relaxation, or whimsy, you can set the lighting to match any activity or mood. With smart automation and lighting, your lights can adjust throughout the day to lift your energy level during the afternoons and help you relax in the evenings for a better night’s sleep. Who says technology can’t improve wellbeing?

Virtual Skylights

Have you ever marveled at how several indoor shopping malls in Las Vegas simulate a beautiful blue sky above? During the day, it's brighter, and during the evening, it looks like dusk. The fusion of precisely controlled LED lighting, image panels, and architectural integration brings this capability to any home. Just like in those windowless Las Vegas malls, a window-challenged room in your home can still keep you in tune with the day and the outdoors. Above you, the virtual skylight can shine bright daylight during the daytime, start dimming into the evening and even transition to a view of the moon and moonlight at night. If you work out of a home office, the lack of windows does not mean your body will lose track of the flow of the day. This solution is equally ideal in a bathroom, bonus room, or any other space where a window may not be structurally possible.


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