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Envisioning the Future: How Digital Art Is Elevating Homes

Displaying Art in Your Home Has Never Been Easier with Innovative Trends in Video Technology

Envisioning the Future: How Digital Art Is Elevating Homes

These days large-scale video walls are all around us. We see them in public places, in our conference rooms, and even at the movies. But another digital revolution is just around the corner and art lovers all over California will enjoy it in their own spaces.

There is no doubt about it, there are a variety of unique applications for video walls outside of showing the latest episode of Game of Thrones or the Warriors game. Sophisticated homeowners are seeing the benefits of merging technology and art. Want to learn more about the trends that will change the way you see your walls? Keep reading below.

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From Eye-Sore to Eye-Catching

You have most likely heard the term ‘video wall’ but you may be less familiar with the term ‘digital canvas’. This distinctive method of viewing video content has been around since the 1980s but their applications were limited. Clunky TV panels coupled with obtrusive designs were something you would never want to see in a home.

Now, we are seeing new and innovative ideas emerge for displaying an endless variety of engaging art and design. These new displays create a gallery-like feel to any room in your space. Interior designers are increasingly using technology in their projects to add a polished touch for their clients.

LED Is Innovating the Industry

To understand video walls, you have to understand LED flat-panels. Each year they are growing in size, shrinking in depth, and offering many features not thought possible before. They are most known for their bright backlighting, which means that LEDs don’t need certain light conditions to function well.

LED displays are showing up with increasingly modern innovations like 4K and HDR, which makes them the perfect choice for displaying high resolution art in homes. You don’t have to sacrifice your style for the latest in technology.

Viewing Innovation Through a New Lens

In most museums, it is common to see art as static. As you walk through a gallery you look at one painting or photograph at a time and appreciate its beauty. With video walls, you are offered the opportunity to see a movable cascade of imagery, which opens up your potential for viewing media immensely. Choose as many pieces as you want to incorporate with your style and decor.

Not only that, but the art is easily changeable depending on when you are entertaining. Imagine having a beautiful wintry scene for the holidays or a bright bouquet of Picasso’s flowers for the spring. With a digital art video wall your possibilities are virtually limitless and no more than a tap on your smart device away.

If you’re interested in working with us, we are excited to get started on elevating your home. Our unique ideas for implementing technology are just what you need for your design aesthetic. Just click the button at the bottom of your screen and begin chatting with one of our qualified representatives right now!