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Is Your Home Network Up to Today’s Demands?

With All the Connected Activities at Home, Your Home Network May Be Maxed Out

Is Your Home Network Up to Today’s Demands?

Here in the California Bay Area, the home of Silicon Valley and countless digital innovations, we know about the importance of staying connected and have been increasingly reliant on the internet for years. Amid the current COVID-19 health crisis, the necessity of home connectivity has become even more acute for work, school, entertainment, and more.

While our home networks have been working harder with evermore connected devices, including smart home technology, families are now doing most things at home and relying on the internet – using Zoom and Skype video calls, working with large volumes of data at home, connecting to school online learning platforms, and streaming more video for news, information, and entertainment. All that activity is putting more strain on home networks than ever before.

Fortunately, you can upgrade your home network installation to cope with these new demands. Keep reading for some professional strength solutions to keep your home connected for all the needs of everyone in your household.

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Professional-Strength Solutions

Are you relying on the equipment provided by your internet service provider? If so, they may not be up to the current demands on your network. These solutions tend to be one-size-fits-all approaches with a combined modem and Wi-Fi router. Some of these routers do not have the range for seamless wireless coverage for larger homes and properties. For example, one approach Twilight Solutions uses to ensure reliable coverage is installing wireless access points for every 1500 square feet of area. That way, your network doesn't have dead spots or areas of spotty reception, so your family can work or play in any area of the home without worrying about internet response.

The quality of the equipment used in a network installation is also critical. Businesses and organizations rely on commercial-quality routers, switches, access points, and other gear that is engineered for greater uptime, capacity, and reliability. Twilight Solutions works with vendors like Araknis and Access Networks that provide professional-level equipment for both commercial and residential applications.

The software in these products also allows for improved prioritization of your network traffic, ensuring that simultaneous video streams, voice calls, file downloads, and multiple browser windows all work smoothly. Also, these solutions include powerful remote management and update features, so we can ensure your equipment has the latest software updates, detect any potential issues with your network, and fix problems without having to visit your home. Lastly, these solutions also include more robust security mechanisms than consumer products so that your data, devices, and activities stay private and safe.

Upgrade to Newer Technology

The latest Wi-Fi technologies continue to improve network performance in significant ways. Wi-Fi 6, the most recent standard, ups wireless speeds to an impressive 9.6 MBPS maximum. The higher data rates offer massive capacity for the most bandwidth-intensive applications. More importantly, Wi-Fi 6 doubles the capability for routers to manage simultaneous network sessions on devices. This means that Wi-Fi 6 will offer benefits in real-world performance you will experience as all your devices maintain high speeds at the same time – precisely what you need in the current environment.

Twilight Solutions can upgrade your home network installation to the latest technology with professional strength solutions to keep your family fully connected to work, school, entertainment, and friends. We proudly serve the Bay Area and beyond from Atherton, Woodside, and San Francisco to Napa and Walnut Creek. Click our chatbox below to be quickly connected to one of our specialists or contact us here; we look forward to working with you.