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Keep the Lights on with a Personal Power Management System

When the Power Goes Out, You’ll Always Have the Electricity You Need

Keep the Lights on with a Personal Power Management System

Have you ever been left in the dark due to a brownout in your area? Few things are more frustrating than a power interruption when cooking dinner, watching TV, or working from home. The issue becomes even more serious when you depend on electric power to run devices for a loved one with disabilities or medical problems. Take back your power security by upgrading your Bay Area, CA home with a personal power management system.

Power backup batteries from Sonnen ensure you are never in the dark when the power goes out. In addition, SurgeX offers state-of-the-art surge protectors that keep your home network and electrical appliances safe in the event of any electrical spike or interruption. Find out how you can enjoy clean, stable power in your home by reading our blog below.

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What to Do When the Power Goes Out

Some people think that having a solar power system means they can finally be energy independent. While going green reduces carbon gases and helps you save on your electric bill, it does not mean that you are off the electric grid. If you own a grid-tied solar system, then you are still connected to the power lines. When the power goes out in your area, so does your home’s power. For safety and regulatory reasons, your solar panel system is designed to shut off when the grid is down.

However, when you have a power management system with a battery backup, the lights stay on even while your neighbors are in the dark. With a solar storage system, you never need to worry about power outages—whether it lasts an hour, several hours, or half a day. Sonnen batteries feature the safest, longest-lasting battery technology and can provide power to any parts of your home—whether it’s just your essential devices or even your entertainment system—when you need it.

How Does a Power Management System Work?

When the sun is shining, your solar panels capture more energy from the sun than your home needs. That excess power goes directly to your solar backup battery. Then, it is available in emergencies so you can maintain a happy and fully powered home during grid outages and beyond. The battery automatically and seamlessly turns on during a brownout, blackout, or if there’s an electrical problem on the grid.

A SurgeX protector goes a step further by safeguarding your electrical devices, such as your smart home system, if a power surge occurs. SurgeX is a dependable and smart power protection solution if you don’t have a solar panel system. It eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects. The company also offers a standalone battery backup system that delivers clean, continuous power during a blackout, allowing you to perform a safe shutdown of your equipment.

Would you like to find out more about Sonnen whole-home batteries and SurgeX surge protectors? Twilight Solutions proudly serves the Bay Area and beyond from Atherton, Woodside, and San Francisco to Napa and Walnut Creek. Call us today at (925) 525-6105 or fill out our online contact form to get started.