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Want A Green Home?

A Home Automation System Puts You in [Green] Control

Want A Green Home?

In the Bay Area, we’ve always been at the forefront of green technology. Our location in the heart of Silicon Valley certainly has something to do with it. With California now aiming to require all new homes to have solar power, and changes coming to electric rates based on time of day, you may be wondering if it makes sense to invest in solar panels for your home. 

With a solar system and a battery, your home could store solar energy and potentially garner significant savings in energy usage by drawing from the electric grid when rates are lower.

How do you do that?  A home automation system, like that of our partner Control4, could monitor energy generation, usage, and storage, and can help manage systems in your home for the most efficient consumption.

Intrigued?  Read on to learn more. 

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Luxury and Green At the Same Time

We like our technology and luxury toys in Atherton.  But that doesn’t mean we’re not environmentally friendly.  Solar power can be used to make your home’s carbon footprint much lower.  Solar panels can be purchased and installed, or they can also be leased.  Electric companies offer incentives for installation and credits for providing excess power back to the grid.

Use of home batteries is a way to store green solar power and use it when it’s most efficient. Products like Tesla’s Powerwall have garnered a lot of attention, but there are other choices from competing auto companies and specialists like Sonnen. If your solar setup generates more than you can store, you can save money by putting it back onto the electric grid.  Now that’s really green. 

Managing It All

The best way to make it all work for you is to employ a home automation system like Control4.  Control4  can manage lights, climate, pool and spa heating, automated window treatments, and more.  It can also be integrated with solar power generating systems and electric monitoring devices to give you a detailed view of your power usage profile.

A Control4 system could help you determine when to run specific appliances or home functions, or even do it automatically when it’s most energy efficient.  For example, the system could decide the optimal time to charge your Tesla and subtly manage lighting intensity to minimize cost and maximize green energy usage. 

LED Lighting

While we’re discussing ways to be more green, we should mention LED lighting.  LED technology is revolutionizing lighting.  LED is a much more flexible technology for designing different kinds of fixtures, and it lends itself well to digital control.  LEDs can change white color temperature, hues, and be very precisely controlled for brightness and dimming. 

Our partner Colorbeam has introduced revolutionary low voltage lighting that is managed and powered over CAT5 network wiring.  The possibilities for enhancing your Atherton home with this technology are endless, from innovative mood lighting indoors to brilliantly displaying your outside landscape with color at night. Because it’s LED and digitally manageable, it’s very energy efficient as well.

We’d love to tell you more about how home automation and renewable power technology can work together for you.  Give us a call at (925) 525-6105 or reach out here.