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MYRA BAGINSKI Interior Designer

As an interior designer, I’ve done a number of projects with Justin, and he’s great to work with. He always makes sure that the designer is getting what he or she wants to bring to the client and then going the extra step of making sure that the client is pleased. He is a really sharp guy—very knowledgeable, innovative, creative, and extremely professional. And in fact, our company depends on him to guide us in learning what’s going on right now in lighting and home control systems, and then we can bring that knowledge to our clients.



Twilight Sounds installed several TV’s and an audio system when we remodeled our home. We interviewed several other companies, but no one seemed more knowledgeable about the newest and best technology. It’s been a few years now, and they have been out to our home a few times to upgrade the system, but it’s still performing as well as when it was new. They did a really nice job and we’re very happy with our system.



Twilight Sounds installed an entire sound system in our new home. They did a very good job—on time, and did things when they said that they were going to do them. Occasionally, we have power outages here and our TV’s go out. They’ve been very good about getting things up and going. I would always recommend them.



Twilight Sounds rescued us when the business we had originally contracted to install entertainment media suddenly went under. We were very lucky to hook up with Justin Johnston, who, in comparison to this other company, I didn’t doubt for a second would be successful—even in this present economy. He’s got all the elements required for a successful business: efficiency, professionalism, ethics, reliability, intelligence, diligence, and a good knowledge of his product.


JEFF BURK Contractor

I currently have nearly 50 AV contractors in my portfolio, but I believe Justin is the only one I would give business to. I enjoy working with him and his crew is fantastic. We recently completed a project together—I installed the cabinetry and Justin’s company put in the sound system. The finished product is just beautiful, and I appreciated the free rein I was given on the design side. The whole project went pretty seamlessly. I look forward to collaborating on more projects with Justin.



Twilight Sounds did two major projects for us. They installed the latest technology into my media room, including plasma TV’s, Samsung LCD’s, a new processor, a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV, a turntable, and a satellite receiver. Just recently, they provided the audio/visual for our home, which was a model implementation of current audio/visual technology.


AMY CARPENTER Interior Designer

Justin worked with me on a kitchen tour, staging one of the homes with the lighting services that he provides. The lighting was gorgeous, and the clients were absolutely thrilled. As a young designer myself, I sometimes experience people initially questioning whether I have the necessary experience. It’s great to see that at Justin’s age, he is able to make his clients very comfortable with his knowledge and experience. I will look for every opportunity to use Justin’s services in my future projects.



Since I’ve known him, Justin has impressed me with his exceptional knowledge. He could spin circles around people with the complexities of his product, but instead, has an uncanny ability to disseminate the information in a lay way. I am particularly appreciative of his knowledge and due diligence as we work together to help a mutual client confined to a wheelchair to achieve a modest amount of independence. Justin’s ability to put together an integrated voice-activated system that will enable him to control various electronic devices (lighting, windows, etc.) will go a long way in that regard.


BOB CRASE Homeowner

I purchased a house built in the late ‘70s. There were old wires and cables running every which way, and Twilight Sounds was able to clean it all up and install several new components and integrate some of my old components—even running wiring under the house. I appreciated they took my old technology. You don’t want to just throw all the old stuff away. They were really responsive to all the little glitches that might come up.


JEFF DUDUM CEO, Dudum Sports

When it comes to professionalism, attention to detail, and reassurance, Justin and his team deliver 110 percent. They’re completely trustworthy, which is important when you’re letting someone into your personal home. Their work is exceptional, and with the many referrals I’ve sent his way, he’s treated them with the utmost respect. I’m always glad to refer him to friends and colleagues.


AMY DREYER Homeowner

For people who don’t have time to keep up with the latest in audio/visual technology, Twilight Sounds makes it very simple. They’re just nice to work with: They showed up when they said, they called when we asked about something, and they got back to us right away. I think their advice was good—because we could go extravagant or scaled down. For example, they suggested we put more speakers in the backyard, saying we’d be happier in the long run. And they were right.



When we built our new home, we hired Twilight Sounds to install a sound system throughout the house, in the garage and outside. At first, I had second thoughts about investing in an elaborate sound system, but now I’m so glad we did it. We are so happy with it and the sound is unbelievable. Justin was great; I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else.



Matt did a wonderful job. I would give him 5 stars—no, I’d give him all the stars in the sky. He’s just great—very knowledgeable, very dependable, professional, cooperative, and he is full of knowledge. One time he even came over to help us at 7:00 at night.


YVETTE HALL Interior Designer

As an interior designer, I work with many subcontractors. Twilight Sounds’ customer service is outstanding. They have bent over backwards and worked through many obstacles to get the job done. And always in a timely manner! Their service is customer oriented, which I prefer. My clients have all been very pleased with their desire to please and their quality of work. Justin is very helpful, kind, generous, and knowledgeable. I turn to him for advice on the latest products to offer my clients—even on jobs that don’t benefit his company and he is always there to help. Unlike other subcontractors, I have no problem leaving them alone with a client. I have full faith in Justin and Twilight Sounds!


MIKE HARTLEY Business Owner

My business is window coverings, and we worked side by side with Twilight Sounds on a very difficult project retrofitting and modernizing existing window treatments. Justin’s team members in the field are excellent, and we love what he’s promoting and selling. He is very informative about his product and up to par with the newest technology in the field. We were very impressed that he was able to tie in our system of window coverings—which is one of the first of its kind in the market.


ALEX HUNT General Contractor

I am a general contractor, and Twilight Sounds worked as a subcontractor on a big project with me. Justin is a good subcontractor. I found him to be timely, he had good communication, and had the information for me when I needed it. Home audio/video technology is changing so fast and is ridiculously complicated. That’s why I just provide the wiring.



The first thing I noticed about Justin was his entrepreneurial spirit; I could see off the bat that he was a man on the move. As a vendor to start-up companies, I’ve been greatly impressed over these few years to see how quickly he’s grown his business, and in a very short period of time, become eligible for direct vendor status with a number of brands. He even won a promotional trip on a “home theater” cruise for his outstanding sales.



Twilight Sounds provided good service. The first couple of weeks I had trouble with the remote because it was new technology, and they either stopped by or they explained it over the phone so I could fix it. They were always there when they said they were going to be there. It wasn’t like, okay, can you do this and then I have to wait two weeks. They were there within a couple of days.



Twilight Sounds provided good service. The first couple of weeks I had trouble with the remote because it was new technology, and they either stopped by or they explained it over the phone so I could fix it. They were always there when they said they were going to be there. It wasn’t like, okay, can you do this and then I have to wait two weeks. They were there within a couple of days.



Twilight Sounds built a home theater and hideaway cabinet in our home. We are very happy with both the service and the product we received. Justin really knows what he’s doing. His company is very professional and any follow-up needed was handled very promptly. Justin’s price is very fair. In fact, I did my own research on the products he had recommended, and Justin was willing to the match the prices I found on authorized sites. I have already recommended him to many of my colleagues.



As a programmer, I program the home-automation software (touch screens, etc.) for Twilight Sounds’ systems. My company works with a lot of different installation companies, and Justin’s crew is both friendly, and they also have a good grasp of what they’re doing. I’m also impressed by Justin’s ability to explain complicated things that can be done in a simplified manner. He really helps his clients understand what they’re going to be getting out of his systems.



They’re terrific. They’ve been my AV people since they installed an entertainment unit in our remodeled home in 2007. They really are a phone call away. If I need something done, I just call, and they call me right back and let me know when they’re available. I really have appreciated their work.


ED MORESI Homeowner

Justin is very professional, very respectful, and doesn’t over-promise and under-deliver. Some of these sound systems are a little complicated, and while many of these techy guys don’t really have the patience to explain some of this new stuff to an old dog like me, Justin and Mat don’t have any problem taking the time—even 2, 3, 4 times explaining something, and they are not put out or inconvenienced at all.



Everything Twilight Sounds has done for us as a family has been spot on. Justin was particularly good about checking out the size of the space and asking questions—what we wanted as individuals and what we did as a family—before making a recommendation. He didn’t try to oversell us on things we didn’t need. Then his crew did a great job of installing a full home audio-visual theater system, and since then they have kept us up to speed. Their service is impeccable.


RON OCAMPO Business Owner

I like dealing with Justin just because he’s a great guy. When people hear Justin’s presentation, they think, “This guy really knows what he’s talking about.” He has a fantastic reputation because he’s upfront. He will tell people, “The cost is what it is, but this is the right system,” and he’ll even step down from a job if he thinks it’s not what his company is capable of doing.


NOEL O’MEARA General Contractor

I like working with local businesses, and so I was very happy to work with Twilight Sounds as we’re both from the same town. They installed a home theater for my clients, including all the wiring and set-up. The homeowner loves the system They did a really good job, and the quality of their work was excellent.



Twilight Sounds did a beautiful job installing a sound system and TV’s in multiple rooms in our home—and even outside. Everything works wonderfully well. If we ever have any questions or problems, we can call them and they come out almost immediately. They were also able to swap out components and keep the basic system in tact and bring us up to date with the latest technology, and that’s really important because things are changing in that world so quickly.



We recently bought an older home, and for a few months, we were dealing with a lot contractors. Justin’s crew, however, was the most pleasant, and even though the entire house was a bit of a mess, they always took the time to clean up after themselves. When they were done—in the midst of this bare house still under construction—they unveiled our new 55” TV that had been mounted over the fireplace, with a brilliant picture and beautiful music coming through the speakers. It was very exciting. Justin also programmed a single remote control for us that controls the lighting, TV, DVD, Internet and music. It’s just amazing. We’re so pleased.


CHRIS RODGERS Busch Electric

I’ve worked with Twilight Solutions for over ten years, collaborating on 25 to 30 jobs. The quality in their work is some of the best I’ve ever seen, and we’ve been in business since 1971. Their work ethic is phenomenal, they’re always very professional, and they do outstanding work. Justin puts out a very good finished product, really striving to stay on the cutting edge.



Twilight Sounds was exceptional in everything they did. We live in the country, and from time to time, we have power failures that’ll knock these things out of sync. They can talk you through things, even with folks who aren’t very technically inclined. They make it easy. And any problem we have had, if they couldn’t talk me through it on the phone, they’d be here as quickly as they could, even though we’re probably a good couple of hours away.


DAVE RYBSKI Business Owner

Justin has been a loyal and trustworthy dealer of our products for many years. His continuing business reflects the high quality of work he offers his clients.



Twilight Sounds installed a television in our home. They were very professional, very prompt, and we are pleased with the job they did for us.


DAN SENA Homeowner

Twilight Sounds installed a television in our home. They were very professional, very prompt, and we are pleased with the job they did for us.



When I moved into my house, it already had a full-blown sound system. It ended up being way too complicated—I’d forget how to use it. In fact, if I had had Twilight Sounds install the original system, I am positive it would have been cheaper and a lot more simple. They take complexity and make it simple. I hired them to make some modifications. These guys have been a pleasure to work with. They’re personable, easy going, very responsive, and I just trust them.



It’s hard to find somebody who has been in the business, is good at what they do, is good at follow-through, and who’s just a pleasure to work with. Twilight Sounds is all of that. They’re upfront with you, they give you options, they give you pricing. They’re just very straightforward and very comfortable to work with. They set everything up for us—from 0 to 100—so it’s just point, click and shoot for us to be able to utilize our system.


PAUL STYER Homeowner

Justin really knows the business and knows what he’s selling. When we first met with him, he let us know the available technology and how it would be installed. My wife particularly wanted a sound system that was not visible, so he recommended equipment that would fit that need. He provided a quote for the entire system: audio, video, and wiring the house, and offered a good price. We’re very happy with the system he installed. We would recommend him in a second.


CARL THORESON Business Owner

I first met Justin after the data cabling company I had contracted with seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth when the job was ready to be done. When I contacted Justin, he showed up that same day, took a look at the job, honored the same price even though it had been underbid, and he finished the work the same day. The client had some concerns about the wiring being done correctly, and so Justin stayed on the jobsite to supervise the work and ensure that the client’s concerns were met.


LAURA WAAL Homeowner

Simply put, Twilight Sounds brought us into the 21st century. They switched us out of our 20-year-old Costco TV and my husband’s college speakers for a surround sound system that was both easy to use and could be easily updated. It’s wonderful. Justin was very patient with us and made great recommendations, and we feel like we’re now where we should be.



I originally called Twilight Sounds because they were a local company. And, unlike the other companies that I had contacted, Justin was enthusiastic and upbeat about my project and gave me a free quote. He showed me some options, made some recommendations, and then helped me finalize what I actually wanted, which was a very integrated, all-inclusive AV system for my home. He gave me a reasonable price that included full installation and hook-up, and he also recommended a remote control that was simple to use and actually integrated into the whole system.



I am very pleased with the outdoor TV that Twilight Sounds installed in my backyard. I was very impressed with Justin’s expertise when I first met him. He really knows what he’s talking about, which is why I hired him—and he also went an extra step when I asked him to. His workers were also fantastic—very professional and very nice.


CAL YORK General Contractor

I’ve been a general contractor for 30 years, and I’ve known Justin for 5. During these last 5 years, I have been consistently using him as a subcontractor for audio-video work. He’s got a great personality, does good work, and he uses the best and most up-to-date AV equipment.